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Ever wonder how that
Massachusetts judge
who took your children
away and stripped you
of your house and assets
got to sit on the bench?
All judges were approved,
usually by unanimous,
vote, by the Governors
Council at a public hearing.
The audio for their
hearings over the last
couple of years can be heard here:

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A must-read:
'The Fraud of Feminism'

A younger Tolkien

J.R.R.Tolkien, author
of 'Lord of the Rings',
on Marriage

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End of Days

So,today my mom,diagnosed with Lupus,bipolar 2, rheumatoid arthritis, and arthritis, was denied her social security. All after her having SS, then shut off when her husband died. I just love how they waited until Bill passed away. They gave her 255 dollars to help bury him(thanks) then got 3500 for surviving spouse. Which, they took back from her stating she was "overpaid." She has lived on 11,257 this year. I am currently fighting,(and have a good feeling) that the foreclosure she sees, is going to be null.Only reason being, is that someone forged her name to the most recent title, and now BofA is trying to cover it up.Too bad for them, that thier cover up was a little too late, and they tried to delete the signature off of the title already processed with the deeds office.
On January 30Th, I have a court date in Charleston SC, to regain custody of my adult son.(yes,adult) it took both states 17 years, to realize, my sons mother is a monster, and now registered as a child abuser with some national database. Once again, a day late, and a dollar short.
I will count my blessings, at least my son WANTS to come and live with me, whether he is an adult or not. He is going to finish his welding school at a local school in Mass, then he said either join the service, or get a full time job.
I still..have no license, nor do I have a gainful job. I spoke with my Reps office today, and hopefully, I can get my license back before I go to get my son. Regardless, I will be going to get my son, no matter if God himself told me I couldnt.(not that HE would)
I got a phone call this morning, asking me to come to work. New owner, new start, new business, told them about SC, and was told, "we will wait for you."
Its good to know, that a former employer, has faith in me, and is aware that my son, and my family take precedence over the silly rules that the state of Massachusetts deems to be more important than being a father, or a son.