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So Long, For Now, To One Supporter of the Sexist, Anti-father VAWA Law - Scott Brown

 SO... did the ‘Blank the Ballot campaign’ by men and fathers for the US Senate race in Massachusetts have any role  to play in Scott Brown’s defeat?

It's a question worth asking but possible answers won’t be known until the number of ‘blank ballots’ are announced after November 21 and even then it will be at best a guessing game. We really will never know how many blanks were cast against both Warren and Brown for the right reasons. For that matter, we won’t know how many voters out of approximately one million didn’t bother to vote at all because of their disgust with the candidates’ position on these fundamental issues.

That blanks were indeed cast because of Warren and Brown's VAWA stand is undeniable. I know because I was one of them and I was not alone.

A better question however is whether Brown and other candidates, particularly Republicans, have learned a lesson. Will they take to heart that men and fathers (and hopefully women) blanked the ballot to send the message that they won’t be taken for granted the next election day.

It is not academic matter, at least for Brown. No sooner had the ink dried on his forced retirement than he was being mentioned as a possible candidate for the seat of John Kerry should the senator be appointed to a position in the Obama administration. Brown is also touted as a possible gubernatorial candidate following Deval Patrick’s departure. But if Brown, Warren and other candidates continue to promote the rabid anti-male laws like VAWA and the 209A restraining order, and their opponents do the same, they will get not get support from those who support men and families. Instead, they should expect more blank ballots.

There are between 25-50,000 individuals (not including family members) in Massachusetts victimized by VAWA 209A orders every year. With up to 95% of these issued without justification we need to vote only for candidates who will work to eliminate these unjust laws.

With major parties intent on offering up the same dish under different wrappings there is no other choice but to blank the ballot. It’s not an ideal option but when both candidates eagerly speak in favor and even (in Brown’s case having already done so) vote for laws that will force fathers from their homes, remove them from their children and even incarcerate them without cause only a person in denial would, in effect, ask them to please slap me in the face again by giving them a vote on election day.

If nothing else we know at least the message was heard. Whether or not those running for office will act on it remains to be seen. Who knows, we can hope that during his last days in office Senator Brown will make clear he really knows VAWA should be repealed. If not for the right reason then simply looking ahead to the next election.

Bottom line - if Brown, Warren and other candidates expect a vote from myself and other like-minded individuals they will have to help put an  end to sexist, discriminatory, anti-male laws.