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Ever wonder how that
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A must-read:
'The Fraud of Feminism'

A younger Tolkien

J.R.R.Tolkien, author
of 'Lord of the Rings',
on Marriage

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Sen. Scott Brown’s VAWA Radio Ad: Empty, Deceitful Words

Given the destruction to families caused by VAWA (the Violence Against Women Act) Senator Brown’s radio ad promoting the law is a disgrace and further reason voters should not support him in the upcoming election unless he changes his position on its re-authorization. The slogan for Brown's recent VAWA radio ad is ‘He’s for us.” Really? Promoting the sexist VAWA propaganda that all men are inherently batterers and all women victims is hardly being there for families. To the contrary he’s helping throw men and fathers out of their home, remove children from fit and loving parents and subject individuals to incarceration and financial ruin-all by and large without any justification. Supporting any law based on personal history is understandable as far as it goes. Sen. Brown’s reasoning however is shallow with nothing in either the ad or his recent interview with Piers Morgan providing any background context to the problems his family faced. There is certainly more reason to believe that VAWA would have made matters worse as it does for too many families today. Moreover, given the damage created by VAWA one personal story is irrelevant to the tens of thousand of individuals who are victimized by the law’s lack of due process rights and its underlying sexist discrimination against men. Contrary to Sen. Brown’s view that VAWA is about ‘protecting women from violence’ a cursory understanding of VAWA makes it clear that it is used to mainly entrap those engaged in non-violent, benign behavior such as verbal arguments – actions which the government has no business in and commonsense tells us it can not and should never control. Violent behavior on the other hand is, as it has always been including during Sen. Brown’s younger days, a criminal offense punished under law affording due process protections. No one’s word on its own accord, as it is under VAWA, should be taken as proof without substantiating evidence and the right to contest it. Yet this is the law that Sen. Brown would have us believe is in our best interest. Sen. Brown says that VAWA helps “prosecute those who commit these awful crimes”. Again, he is playing fast and loose with words for no 'crimes' are usually at issue. In Massachusetts up to 95% of ‘VAWA’ orders are without any justification according to some judges but he favors prosecuting and incarcerating individuals, mainly men and fathers, for acts that in a normal healthy society would never see the inside of a courtroom. He also repeats the old canard that 1 in 4 women suffer from so-called ‘domestic violence’ under the broad and sweeping definitions wherein no act of actual violence is required. It is a flimsy and spurious talking point unworthy of a US Senator. The US Senate is not expected to vote on VAWA until after April 18, time enough for Senator Brown to meet with The Fatherhood Coalition and learn why he needs to withdraw his sponsorship and vote ‘no’ on the law. Contact Sen. Brown now at (202) 224-4543 (DC office) and (617) 565-3170 (Boston) to tell him to do just that. Let Sen. Brown know in no uncertain terms that he will not have your vote if he supports VAWA.