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Amber Alerts: A tool to help stop abuse or a source of abuse

Massachusetts State Police issued another Amber Alert in December of 2013, the last Amber Alert by Massachusetts State Police appears to be in May.

In both cases the know "culprit" were the fathers.

So what is the purpose of the Amber Alert, is it a tool to help stop abuse, or a source of abuse.

Apparently it depends on the agency wielding it, in the case of the state police of Massachusetts, it is something to be used against fathers.

According to the state's website:


the criteria for issuing an amber alert is that:

"The child is in danger of serious bodily harm, injury or death"

After poring over the media reports, the criteria was never met based on what was reported in either of the Massachusetts cases.

So what is the purpose of the Amber Alert?

Like 209a restraining orders the purpose appears to be to exploit victims of violence to justify abuse of familes.

In both cases a criteria has been established, fear/danger of serious bodily harm, injury or death that should prevent there abuse.

However this criteria is usually ignored resulting in the abuse and harassment of families.

The Massachusetts Courts have shown an unwillingness to follow our laws when it comes to the issuance of 209a restraining orders,

Should the Massachusetts State Police be expected to do any better, or is it just another abuse that we will have to learn to live with.