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Ever wonder how that
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A must-read:
'The Fraud of Feminism'

A younger Tolkien

J.R.R.Tolkien, author
of 'Lord of the Rings',
on Marriage

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Sen. Scott Brown and VP Joe Biden-Two Peas in the Rotten VAWA Pod

Sen. Scott Brown and VP Joe Biden-Joined at the Hip Promoting VAWA's Injustice Contact Sen. Brown (202) 224-4543 (DC office) and (617) 565-3170 (Boston) to tell him to withdraw his support. Sen. Scott Brown spent a lot of his time recently promoting the sexist, anti-male and anti-family Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). It was VP Joe Biden's turn at a White House press conference (April 18, 2012) to push for renewal of this destructive law. Brown and Biden's talk about plague of 'violent crime' when promoting VAWA is nothing more than a red herring because in practice the law routinely criminalizes actions that should never see a courthouse doorway -- such as verbal arguments over finances and being 'annoying'. One former Massachusetts judge volunteered that 95% of VAWA restraining order applications, out of 25-50,000 each year, are without any merit. Indeed, since acts of violence are and have always been crimes under assault and battery laws there has never been any need for VAWA. Even worse, instead of preventing violence, VAWA increases the likelihood of its occurrence by those who are unjustly evicted from their homes and have their children suddenly ripped away. According to Biden at his press conference, "No women should be victimized by someone who has physical or financial power over them. No boy, no man has any reason under any circumstance to raise their hand against any woman, except for self defense." But even in self defense men are presumed guilty under VAWA, even prosecuted under the presumption that since they provide for their family they have 'financial power'. Brown and Biden never make any mention of violence against men because the fundamental falsehood underpinning the law, the reason why it came into existence, is that all men are inherently criminal batterers and all women victims. Demonizing men and boys and promoting this lie is what VAWA is all about. Biden scoffed at the reality that false accusations of 'domestic violence' are used by women as a weapon against in divorce. The vice president's lack of knowledge on this score is appalling. On the Senate floor Brown recounted the names of women who have been assaulted by men but he did not bother to recall any male victims of violence by women. Senator Brown and VP Biden's support of the law is a disgrace, especially so for Brown who could do much to stop its renewal. instead, his' knee-jerk promotion of the law based apparently and solely on getting the 'women's vote' is sufficient reason for all voters to withhold their support from him in the upcoming election unless he changes his position. The US Senate is expected to vote on VAWA soon, perhaps as early as next week. VAWA was last renewed in 2005 and so our next opportunity to stop this law won't come for at least 5 years. Contact Sen. Brown now at (202) 224-4543 (DC office) and (617) 565-3170 (Boston) to tell him to withdraw his support. Keep calling until he reverses his position and votes 'No' on VAWA. Letting Sen. Brown know in no uncertain terms that he will not have your vote if he support VAWA is the only way to stop this destructive law!