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Ever wonder how that
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Two Great Candidates for Governor's Council Next Tuesday -Earl Sholley and Mike Franco

Two Great Candidates for Governor's Council Next Tuesday
Earl Sholley in District 2 (West and Southwest of Boston) and Mike Franco in District 8 (Western Massachusetts)

Below is a statement of support for Mike Franco from Mike Fetcho of Canton. Most, if not all, of the reasons for voting for Mike Franco also stand true for Earl Sholley.
Remember to get out and vote next Tuesday!


(Here's a National Public Radio intereview of Mike Franco and his opponent.)

Dear Supporters,

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser for Mike Franco at The Blue Room in Chicopee.


Post divorce, I get to see my 12 year old daughter Maya about 18% of the month, which includes when she's with friends and sleeping. Does that have anything to do with the fundraiser for Mike? Why, very much so. I'm sure that you all enjoyed your vacation time in family court as much as I did. Maybe, even as much as Mike.

Mike Franco needs little introduction to this group. You are all aware of the remarkable job that he continues to do on behalf of all of us.

Mike is running for the open seat from the 8th District for The Governor's Council. Most of you probably are aware of that too. But never the less, I feel compelled to write on his behalf, although he did not ask me to do so.

Mike's opponent in the race is the former Democratic Mayor of Springfield, Michael Albano. Obviously challenging any Democrat in Massachusetts is a tall order, never mind a former high profile public official.

Yet, Mike's integrity, tenacity, knowledge of the issues and the role of the Governor's Council is really starting to resonate in western Mass. This is the 3rd time Mike is running for the position. The first 2 times he ran against an entrenched Democratic incumbent in Thomas Merrigan. Yet, the momentum for Mike continues to build. In the first election, he gained 22% of the vote. In 2010, 38%. Pretty impressive jump for a low profile Republican in the bluest of blue states.

Yes, Michael Albano is a tough challenge. Yet, during his time in office, his administration was flooded with investigations and indictments around numerous acts of corruption. Somehow, Albano was the only key figure not to resign. And he should have been the first one to do so.

But due to his tainted reputation and smug attitude on this election being a coronation, Michael Albano CAN BE BEATEN.

Following the trend of the last 2 elections, Mike can get his next 'boost' and receive 51% of the vote!

(I wonder if Marsha Coakley knows Albano? As AG, she could have helped investigate the cries of corruption against him. But Democratic Party loyalty you know. We have to leave that stuff to the FBI.)

So, here's what all comes down to. Albano is well financed and the front runner. But Mike's messages on TV, radio and the newspapers are getting real attention, and people are sick of 1 party rule on Beacon Hill, and the rubber stamping of the Governor's choices for judges. I truly believe that this is the year that the people of the 8th District will vote Mike Franco to victory. There is no better place for this good, decent and humble man, veteran and dad to serve than on Beacon Hill.  For all of us.

But time is running out. There are only 5 days left to the election. To continue the momentum the Franco campaign has achieved, it takes money.

So, please donate!

The most that you can possible afford. Then please forward my email to as many friends and relatives as possible and other men and women sympathetic to our cause. And ask them to donate too.

You can make an online donation here and below. Please do so ASAP:


There is also another opportunity to help Mike, as his campaign needs some volunteers as 'foot soldiers' over the next 5 days for sign standouts, leaflet droppings, poll watching, phone calling, etc.  So if you can help for any period of time, please get a hold of Mike or his campaign manager Bob Delano.

Bob Delano: gordon24@aol.com
Mike Franco: mfranco@verizon.net

Yep, unless you live in the 8th District in western MA, you can't vote for Mike. But as a Council Member, he'll be voting on judicial appointment for the entire state. And although I am writing from the perspective of 'Father's Rights', Mike is not a single issue candidate. You can read more about his other positions on your own. But most importantly, he's looking for accountability from judicial appointments, and for judicial candidates who will interpret and make decisions based on the law (in all types of cases) and not activist judges that go beyond their roles and legislate from the bench.

I had quite the activist judge during my divorce. Maybe that's why I only see my daughter so little. And my ex-wife was generously most of my money. Hmm. And would you believe that I'm a nice guy who obeys the law?

Oh, and Albano doesn't think we have enough activist judges and is bold enough to make this a centerpiece of his campaign. Appoint more of them! Yea, great. The only thing he'd do for us is grow the membership of The Fatherhood Coalition.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration of my requests. God bless all of you and your loved ones.


Michael A. Fetcho
Canton, MA