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Ever wonder how that
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who took your children
away and stripped you
of your house and assets
got to sit on the bench?
All judges were approved,
usually by unanimous,
vote, by the Governors
Council at a public hearing.
The audio for their
hearings over the last
couple of years can be heard here:

Courtesy of Patrick McCabe


A must-read:
'The Fraud of Feminism'

A younger Tolkien

J.R.R.Tolkien, author
of 'Lord of the Rings',
on Marriage

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Why Governor Patrick's Working Group didn't work.

The Governor's Working Group on Child Center Laws did not work for a number of reasons.

Chief among those reasons was the makeup of the group itself.

For instance, take Joyce Kauffman.

An open opponent to Equality.

One can take a look at the hate screed which she proudly links on her web-site in opposition to shared parenting.


Entitled "Model Parenting Plans"

The plan makes numerous assumptions that are not based on scientific evidence, simply hatred of Equality.

If you take the time to read, please be assured you are entering the Twilight Zone, and their view of the world is their own and is NOT BASED ON SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.

The plan preaches that from birth to 2 years of age that the "parent who is not the primary caregiver" should be allowed to see the child about 9 hours a week.  (Which is much less than what most Massachusetts Probate Judges allow.)

From the age of 2 to 3

One day(24hrs)  a week.

Age 3 to 5

1.5 days (36hrs) a week

Age 6 to 12

4.5 Days over a two week period, still less than the standard 5 days handed out by many Massachusetts Probate Judges.

Only past the age of 12 does this model suggest what our courts are already doing 5 days out of 14, still not 7 out of 14.

While this link is a based on the Commonwealth's web-site, thank goodness no one is paying attention to it, except Attorney Kauffman.

Appointing Attorney Kauffman to the Working Group to address the bias of the Massachusetts Courts is akin to appointing Michelle Bachmann to determine if same sex marriage should be allowed.

Bad move, bad idea.