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Ever wonder how that
Massachusetts judge
who took your children
away and stripped you
of your house and assets
got to sit on the bench?
All judges were approved,
usually by unanimous,
vote, by the Governors
Council at a public hearing.
The audio for their
hearings over the last
couple of years can be heard here:

Courtesy of Patrick McCabe


A must-read:
'The Fraud of Feminism'

A younger Tolkien

J.R.R.Tolkien, author
of 'Lord of the Rings',
on Marriage

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Inmates Write

Living In My Car After False DV Charges

Destiny is now your choice, Victoria Horn Franco.

Snap out of it Victoria. You're living lies of omission, and then some. I tried to protect you from the systemic treachery, and wicked people. But evil has temporarily prevailed.

Victoria Horn Franco

Victoria Anne Franco (a.k.a. Horn)

It's not her fault that she's been living a lie all these years. And the "burden" is in two case files maintained by her real father.

Victoria Anne Franco (a.k.a. Horn)


Test entry.


I went from being attatched to the hips with my daughter (when I wasn't working), to slowly being faded out of her life by her mother.

RE: Advocating for the Issue of Fathers’ Rights, and Request for Assistance with Communicating State Senate Candidacy to Public

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